Have ben involved in photography from an early age. I remember clearly the red light of the dark room, the distinct smell of the developer and fixer while developing film and making prints together with my father.

Throughout the years have always taking pictures or should I say snap shots. Only in the last couple of years have I become more passionate about the art of photography and learned about the elements that need to come together to produce a quality immage to remember.

Weather the subject in the viewfinder is nature, people or man made, I enjoy being out in the field. Portraits are nice but behavior is fascinating. In wildlife and equally in people. Exploring, discovering, learning and understanding the world we live in. We are all connected and share the same increasingly fragile home. Capturing a moment in time, something that the eye may miss or the mind may need more time to develop, understand, appreciate and value. There to be experienced again and relived in years to come.